Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes

Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes

Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes

Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes

Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes

Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes

Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes

Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes

Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes

Join our 𝕏 Spaces = Win Prizes


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What is OBS World?

OBS World is a metaverse built for petrolheads by petrolheads, offering an immersive virtual racing and community experience. In OBS World, users not only engage in high-speed racing but also become part of a vibrant digital community.

  • Experience, interact, and connect in a dynamic virtual world
  • Virtual racing events and community meetups
  • Developer tools for creating and customizing digital spaces
  • Number plates and later on, cars and garages as tradeable digital assets
  • Seamless integration of Web3 technologies
  • Available on Iphone and Android

Drive to belong


Partake and engage in exciting events held within OBS World. From large metaverse-wide expos and promotions, to niche events organized by community members - there is always something new happening in the OBS World.

Sim Racing

‘Simulated racing’ games seek to recreate the real driving experience with detailed 3D environments, realistic in-game vehicle mechanics and vehicle hardware controllers. The OBS community sim race together, coached by Lemans series winner Gustas Grinbergas.


Watch live streams from various motorsports events happening around the world, follow the latest results, read or listen to recaps and analysis, and get exclusive backstage commentaries. Head to OBS World's 'Betting House' to bet synthetic petrol on the drivers and teams you believe have the edge in the race.



Each community member is visually represented by their fully customizable avatar, with a personalized appearance and unique look.

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OBS World is all about cars and car culture. Any community member can own, use, rent and trade various 3D car models, with each model underpinned by a unique digital collectible.

Real Estate

Real Estate is virtual metaverse spaces where OBS community members can gather, socialize and engage in various activities.


OBS World is a digital space packed with gaming, social and money-earning possibilities. The metaverse allows us to use the language, culture and philosophy of cars as a foundation for global connectivity between petrol-heads.

By working together we can create lasting relationships both in the OBS World and IRL. So, everyone can belong to the collective spirit of automotive culture.

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Future & Roadmap

  • Developed the OBS World community
  • Partnered with racing communities
  • Onboarded initial Investors
  • Build OBSW prototype "Drag racing" and OBSW environment demo "Kremer Racing virtual garage"
2023 Q1
  • Launched first garage prototype in the beta
  • Developed marketing plan
  • Active communication with the blockchain providers
2023 Q2
  • Launched OBSW Private Beta
  • Created second garage prototype in the beta
  • Secured 30% of fundings
  • Onboarded first OBSW Beta testers
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Participation in the Web3 events
2023 Q3
  • Launch and public sale of $OBSW token
  • Launch of OBSW Public Beta
  • Secure 100% of fundings
  • Onboard gamers and ambassadors
  • Launch of the Racer campaign
2023 Q4
  • Launch of $OBSW real estate
  • Live events streaming platform
  • Marketplace Integration for digital collectibles and digital assets
  • SIM racers marketplace
  • Integrations with existing simracing platforms
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